Thursday, October 1, 2015

Small Business Beware! Scams Are On The Rise!

We are experience a high number of complaints regarding incidents and scams. The most recent, impacted a business that received a notification of SBA grant. They were called and told that a $600.00 fee was required to process the SBA grant award. The company paid this fee and gave out their credit card over the phone. The SBA does not charge fees for grants.

An additional scam running is a demand for payments on Student Loans. Callers are indicating the debtor will be put in jail if they do not make an immediate payment on their student loan. Government agencies do not collect in this manner. However, they may turn the debt over to a collection agency, but collection agencies are not permitted to collect in this manner either. Additional Info on student loan defaults is available at default.

PLEASE do not to fall victim to these kind of scams. 


If you have received information about an offer that seems too good to be true; a demand for payment that you believe is a scam or become a victim of one please notify the GSA Hotline.

The reason to send it to GSA is because is a GSA run website and all the marks associated with it belong to GSA.
You can also contact your local SBDC Center if you're not sure if the notice you've received is legitimate or / 760-795-8740

Remember the services provided by the SBA are provided at no cost to the client. The SBA does not charge fees for services and you do not need to hire consultants to get your company registered on any websites, get on the GSA Schedule; secure government contracts for your business, or pay for any awards or grants received from the SBA.

The SBA works with and through its SBA Resource Partners -SCORE and the Small Business Development Centers to provide free consulting , government contracting and export trade assistance.

Questions: Contact - Jill Andrews, Deputy Director 619-727-4885, Carlos Liu, Lead BOS 619-727-4879 or Rosa Rodarte, Lead EDS 619-727-4777 if you need additional information.

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