Friday, February 21, 2014

Alpha Square Apartments Subcontracting Outreach Event

Come meet Emmerson Construction, the general contractor,  and learn about subcontracting opportunities on the Alpha Square Apartments project.  Located at 14th and Market Street in San Diego, Alpha Square Apartments is a six-story residential mixed-use building.  The Project is comprised of 203 units ranging in size from 250-350 sq. feet, each with small kitchen facilities.  The ground floor of the Project consists of a residential  lobby, kitchen, multi-purpose room, staff offices, computer labs, laundry facilities, restrooms and approximately 5,417 sq. feet of retail space.   Vehicular access to the Project's underground parking and off-street loading is provided via two driveway entrances.   The Project was designed to achieve LEED Silver or equivalent in accordance with Civic San Diego's Affordable Housing Guidelines.

Friday, February 28, 2014
San Diego Housing Commission
Achievement Academy
Conference Room 119
1045 11th Avenue
San Diego,  CA 92101
Emmerson Construction is soliciting bids including Section 3 Business Concerns, DVBE, MBE and WBE for ALL Building Trades.  This Project has HUD Section 3 requirements (24CFR135).  This is a federally-funded project with Davis Bacon Prevailing Wage requirements (29CFR5.5).  Estimated construction start date is April 2014; completion date November 2015.  
Bid due date is 03/10/2014 
Interested bidders must contact Patty at (760) 456-6020 ext. 159 to obtain the plans and specifications.

*        Overview of Alpha Square Project and Subcontracting Opportunities
*        Q&A
*        Section 3 Program and Requirements
*        Davis Bacon Requirements
*        Q&A
*        Networking


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