Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Swinerton Builders Are Seeking Subcontractors!!!

A three-story classroom and laboratory building including administrative offices, men’s and women’s restrooms and support facilities. All site work, landscape, mechanical (HVAC), electrical, and installation of fire protection system required to support the architectural design. The project is on track for LEED Silver certification.  It is a Design/Build project where Swinerton Builders will hold the contracts instead of the District.  The architect is Joseph Wong Design Associates.

Bid Package #DescriptionEstimated BudgetProcurement Method
1Final Cleaning$ 25,000.00Direct Source
2Erosion and Sediment Control$ 75,000Hard Bid
3Earthwork$ 210,000Hard Bid
4Site Concrete$ 830,000Best Value
5Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals$ 1,510,000Best Value
6Architectural Woodwork$ 218,000Hard Bid
7Waterproofing and Dampproofing$ 105,000Direct Source
8Metal Wall Panels$ 1,530,000Best Value
9Roofing$ 500,000Hard Bid
10Flashing and Sheet Metal$ 160,000Hard Bid
12Lath & Plaster$ 400,000Best Value
13Acoustic Ceilings$ 265,000Best Value
14Painting$ 210,000Direct Source
15Visual Display Boards$ 275,000Best Value
16Toilet Partitions/Toilet Bath Accessories$ 55,000Direct Source
17Wall Corner Guards$ 75,000Direct Source
18Signage/Identifying Devices$ 55,000Hard Bid
19Fire Extinguishers and Cabinets$ 20,000Direct Source
20Audio Visual Equipment$ 100,000Hard Bid
21Window Treatments/Blinds$ 280,000Direct Source
22Elevators$ 250,000Hard Bid

Subcontractors bidding on packages greater than 250,000 must be prequalified

BID METHOD DESIGNATION: The above bid packages will be bid using one of three procurement methods as described below.
Hard bid: A competitive process resulting in award to lowest responsive bidder.
Best Value: Responsible proposer to be determined by Best Value scoring method. Scoring criteria factors are available in the bid documents.
Direct Source: To meet or exceed outreach goals, Swinerton Builders is accepting bids from subcontractors who are certified as a SBE, DBE, MBE, DVBE and/or WBE by a recognized and approved agency. A list of agencies is available in the bid documents.

BIDDING DOCUMENTS: Will be issued at:
Swinerton Builders San Diego Office
16798 West Bernardo Drive
San Diego, CA 92127
Contact: Kia Hardy
Telephone: 858-622-4040 x 2417

Upon request, Swinerton Builders will issue to each bidder one CD free of charge, which will include all bid documents. One set of drawings will be available for review in the Swinerton Builders plan room. Please call the number listed above to make arrangements to review these plans and/or to pick up a CD.
One set of bid documents will be available for review at the San Diego Contracting Opportunities Center (SDCOC) at 4007 Camino del Rio South, Suite 210, San Diego, CA 92108-4189.

Bid documents will also be available electronically through Swinerton’s bid management system SmartBidNet. Access will be granted upon request.  The plans and specs are available at Advance Reprographics for purchase (619) 297-7734.

BID DATE: Sealed bids will be received until Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 2 p.m.

BID LOCATION: Sealed bids will be opened at 2:10 p.m. Bids will only be accepted on the bid form provided in the bid package. Bids are to be placed in a sealed opaque envelope labeled “MESA COLLEGE – SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES BUILDING # [fill in bid package number]”, delivered to:
Swinerton Builders San Diego Office
16798 West Bernardo Drive
San Diego, CA 92127
Attn: Glen Bayliff

Bids will not be accepted after the bid date and bid time stipulated above. Faxed bids will not be accepted. Bid security in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the lump sum bid shall accompany each bid for base bids exceeding $250,000. The Surety issuing the Bid Security shall be listed in the latest published State of California Department of Insurance list of Insurers admitted to transact surety insurance in the State of California, as of the bid deadline.

OPEN FORUM: An open forum is being held on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at Swinerton’s main office, address listed above. The project manager, estimator, engineer and superintendant will be available from 8am – 5pm to discuss the bid procedures.

For the complete Bid Advertisement: http://public.sdccdprops-n.com/BPR/SDCCDBids/SBSAd.pdf

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