Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Don't Pay For Assistance!!!

Just the other day, a client of ours received this email:


It’s Time to Migrate Your Registration to SAM!

SAM (System for Award Management) Implementation

The NEW System for Award Management (SAM) will incorporate eight current federal procurement systems and the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance into a sole new, efficient system.  This consolidation is being done in phases. The first phase of SAM that is currently enabled includes the following systems:

·         (CCR) Central Contractor Registration
·         (ORCA) Online Representations and Certifications Application
·         (FEDREG) Federal Agency Registration
·         (ELPS) Excluded Parties List System

SAM will provide all users one login and access to all the capabilities previously found in the above-mentioned systems.  It will also consolidate data from these systems into a single database, eliminating redundancies while sharing the data across the award lifecycle.

What does this mean to federal contractors, their representatives, and those wanting to do business on the federal level?

Information that was previously publicly available that has been moved to SAM will remain publicly available in SAM without having to login or register for a SAM account. However, contractors that need to register to do business with the government look for opportunities or report subcontract information will need to establish a SAM account. Once created, they will have the ability to migrate roles from their previous system accounts into your new SAM account.

Or call now to have your CCR and ORCA registration migrated to the new SAM system for only $699.00.  Our specialists are available now just call _____________ or email _____________ to answer all of your questions.

What a great service!!!  Right???

What's wrong with this picture??? 

Well, we see 671 things wrong starting with the word ONLY (1) and ending with charging $699.00 (699) to migrate your CCR (Central Contractor Registry) into the new SAM (System For Award Management) to do business with the federal government AND this actual registry is FREE (1)

Why is it wrong (in our opinion)?

Because the North San Diego County SBDC and other resources like ours offer this same exact service to small business FREE!!!

The moral of this story?
  1. All government registries and certifications ARE FREE
  2. Before paying for a service, make sure it is legitimate (ask your local SBDC)
  3. Why pay for a service that you can get for FREE at the SBDC
This article was brought to you by Cheryl A Brown, small business owner and specialist consultant with the North San Diego SBDC. ©2012 Cheryl Brown

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