Monday, March 7, 2011

Picking Winners and Losers in the S.B.A. Budget

Small Business Administration officials often describe their mission as providing access to the “three Cs” — credit, counseling and contracts with the federal government. In The Agenda’s first report on the Obama administration’s proposed 2012 budget for the S.B.A., which seeks $818 million for small-business efforts, we noted that the agency planned to either limit its ability to make loans or to make fewer loans, depending on the program. Today, we turn to counseling.

The Obama administration, which combed its portfolio to find cuts wherever it could, would reduce funding for its biggest counseling program, the nation’s network of small-business development centers, by nearly 10 percent, from $113 million in 2010 to $103 million. But the $7 million grant for Score, a smaller but better-known S.B.A.-financed counseling program that serves the same broad constituency, will not be cut.

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